What Is the Email Marketing?

What Is The Email Marketing? Be Alert Newbies

What Is The Email Marketing Definition?

Importance Of Email Marketing


Email marketing is a form of digital marketing and also a form of direct marketing, email marketing is used to promote products and services to individuals interested in the company’s products and services.

Email marketing is a very powerful way to promote awareness of products and services, basically, you can use email to reach your audience faster and with great results if done right. Email Marketing is a must-have for any business to be successful.

Not everyone is good at building an email list, it takes time and it also costs money to build an email list if you are not a company like Amazon, Walmart, Target. For affiliate marketers building a list is challenging but can be done. Most affiliate marketers build their list by using a solo ad website, solo ad website is good but most times you are not sure where those leads are coming from and if the leads are good leads.

What Is the Email Marketing?

Let Me Share My Brief Experience with Email Marketing. Keep in mind not everyone’s experience is the same.

I have bought solo ads before and I build my list to up to 5,000 subscribers using Udimi. I was tracking my links and these were united states leads, but what I realize is when I send emails to my subscribers, I hardly get many opens.

I did this for a while then I realize something doesn’t make sense, I used a verified email software address. I came to find out that those leads are not valid leads, I have a lot of bounces. I ended up deleting those leads.

Imagine my disappointment. Am sure a lot of affiliate marketers experience this also but most affiliate marketers won’t mention these facts.

Building an email list by buying solo ads can make you broke if you are low on budget. I hear a lot of affiliate marketers say, they made a lot of money from solo ads, that may be true but they also spent a lot of money on buying huge email addresses.

Email marketing is not for everyone in my opinion. it does take time to understand, you have learned what type of emails your subscriber like so that you will have a higher open rate. 

What you will need when building an Email List

Email Marketing Software –  check out the list below. keep in mind, to build a huge list will cost you money

Landing Page Builder – There are several free landing page builders out there.

Try Leadsleap and list infinity, Automatic builder is great for building a list if you are low on budget, they are all free to get started.

Let Me Share more Knowledge Related to What is the email Marketing? and Benefits of Email Marketing?

Email marketing has become so popular because it forces some users to take action immediately. An email may sit in the inbox, get deleted or read immediately, or even get archived by the user.

Most email users may not take action the first time they receive an email from a company or a person but with consistent sending of the same offer, eventually, the user might take action. People tend to view an offer more than one time before they take action.

Email is one of the most cost-effective and affordable tools anyone can use to reach an audience. you can also build an audience by sharing your social media through email. e.g youtube blog posts, Facebook, etc.

Most email marketing software allows you to run A/B testing on the subject and call to action to determine which message performs well before sending it out to your audience. This will ensure a good open rate.

Recommended Email Marketing Software/Landing Page Builder

  1. Getresponse – up to 500 contacts for free plus page builder. Highly recommended for affiliate marketing. Click Here to sign up for free. 
  2. Pabbly –  free to get started. Sign Up for Free.
  3. Moosend – 30 days free trial Sign Up Free
  4. 4. Constant contact – Free trial
  5. Email octopus – up to 2,500 subscribers for free Click Here To sign up free.
  6. Landingi – Landing page builder
  7. Bigmailer – Up to 1,000 contacts free. Click Here To Sign Up Free.
  8. system.io – 2,000 free contact Click Here Get Started For Free.
  9. Kartra – All in one marketing tool. Click Here to sign up
  10. Mailerlite – 0-1000 subscribers free. Click Here to sign up.

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What Is the Email Marketing?-Guides On Building Your Email Marketing List

When you decide to build an email list, you need to keep in mind you are dealing with human beings like you.

Treat customers right, take into consideration best practices.

Don’t buy email lists – Most email marketing software providers don’t allow email contacts that you bought from a third party. your account will get banned if you upload the email contact you paid for.

It is best to build your email list from scratch unless you sign up with an email marketing software provider that allows that kind of list.

To have a better chance of getting someone to subscribe to your list, you have to be convincing and offer a free pdf report (Pdf is not a new form of advertising but I think most people don’t read pdf documents). offer coupons for discount offers, free gift cards, let your subscribers know what you are offering.

Some people even offer to pay for membership to gain subscribers but it all depends on your budget, if you are going to pay for a membership, you have to make sure you will get your investment back.

Follow national and international email regulations – people will report your email if you are spamming their email account and you will get blocked, that is not good for your email marketing software account because too many bounces will cause a problem. it is best to regularly clean your email list of bad emails and bounces to ensure the best delivery rate.

Regularly communicate with your email contacts but don’t keep sending offers without providing value. email is a great way to engage with your email list.

Make sure to give your email contacts a chance to unsubscribe, ad unsubscribe button, and your address below each email you send. no one wants to feel trapped receiving unwanted email, no unsubscribe link will result in blockage of your email and spam complaint.

Only send an email when you really need to, you can send survey questions to your contact list to find out what kind of email your contact list wants. These will increase the open rate if done right. it shows you respect your contact list opinion.

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