what is direct mail?

What Is Direct Mail?

What Is Direct Mail?


Direct Mail is a method of marketing that involves sending business services offered to individuals all over the united states. this is done through USPS postal service.

Some individuals do not like this kind of business promotion because they feel they did not ask to receive these promotional services.
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Examples of direct mail are postcards, flyers, lawn services, non-profit organizations, car insurance letters, coupons, etc.


What Is Direct Mail?

How Do I Create Direct Mail?

Here are some tips on designing direct mail postcards or flyers

1. Choose the perfect size and if you are using EDDM ( every door direct mail) from USPS postal service, make sure to find out the requirements before designing your direct mail piece.

2. Use Changing Data Printing. …

3. Choose the Right Colors for your direct mail piece

4. Research your Images.

5. Include White Space. …

6. Keep Copy Clearly Written

7. Make Sure Your Offer and Call to Action Are Clearly Written

8. Decide on a Finish End.

9. Make sure to include company contact details

Is direct mail still effective?

Yes, direct mail is still effective.

direct mail and email marketing campaigns get similar response rates, study shows direct mail campaigns generate 5 times more results than email campaigns.

Examples Of Postcards And Flyer Business Opportunities As Follows:

Cash building system unlimited – This is a postcard direct mail opportunity. it will cost you a one-time fee of $50 to join the program. Your gain is you receive 200 postcards and 200 leads (opportunity seekers) and you will earn a $25 commission per recruit. you also have the option of upgrading your membership to phase 2 level, which will earn you a high commission. Watch this short video presentation that explains your earning potential. Note: you have the option of getting a website from your sponsor.

Unlimited cash deliveries – This postcard direct mail opportunity is similar to cash building system unlimited but it is free to sign up, as a free member you earn a $25 commission payment every time you bring in a paid member. you also receive 200 postcards and 200 leads already printed on your postcards when you upgrade to a $50 membership and up. Sign Up Free For Unlimited Cash Deliveries.

You also have the option to upgrade your membership for a higher commission, the disadvantage of a free member is a free member can’t earn from their team, but if you are a paid member, you will earn from people you bring in. lowest upgrade package is $50

On a roll postcard stamp program –  This is a free stamp program, when doing direct mail marketing, the issue you will face is not having enough stamps.

You need a stamp for your postcards. I do share with my team where I get stamps for cheap. With the “On A Roll” postcard stamp program, you will send 100 postcard stamps to admin plus a $5 fee or send 5 sheets of postcard stamps to admin, but you can avoid sending the admin stamps by paying a one-time fee of $45  to admin to receive your welcome kit faster.  after your payment, you will receive an email from the admin.

Once you sign up, you will be placed in the number one position and your sponsor will be on position number 2, you will receive 60 postcard stamps every time you bring someone into the program and your sponsor will receive 40 postcard stamps. Go Here Download On A Roll Postcard Stamp Flyer.

Mailbox riches – This is a new direct mail opportunity, it will cost you only $39 to get started. you will receive 50 postcards and 50 leads(opportunity seekers) once you sign up. your welcome kit will be mailed to you. you also have the option of upgrading your member and getting more postcards. You earn a $25 commission per member you bring in and also free stamp, free lotto, free silver coin. Go here Download Mailbox Riches Flyer.

The Money Funnel – This postcard opportunity is created by the same person that created the phase 10 program. his name is Lon Lindsey. The money funnel is very affordable to join. it will only cost you $10 to sign up. you also have the option of upgrading your membership. with just $15 you get 60 leads on the peel n stick label. what I like about Lon Lindsey, he notifies you of any sign-ups you bring in and your commission payment. Go here Download the money funnel flyer.

Phase 10 Lead The Follower – Created by Lon Lindsey. Phase 10 is one of my favorite direct mail programs.

PHASE 10 is a new, creative, money-making program that forces people to receive money simply by being a leader of followers.

  • (1) Low cost for entry and still payout 100% of the cash cost;
  • (2) A system that allows people to advance to higher phases, thus increasing their earning potential;
  • (3) A payout structure that rewards the participants more than the company.
  • (4) Pay quickly by paying daily and weekly!
  • (5) Effective sharing of the program via email/website, postal mail (flyer and or postcards).

The low cost for entry takes the risk away in terms of how much a person is willing to risk to actually become a commission-qualifying member. This increases the possibility that they check things out and start their income-generating immediately. The advancing to higher phases allows people to increase their income (actually they will have multiple incomes at one time) as the “follow the leader” concept kicks in. The pay-out structure is set up so participants get their money cost back with just one sign-up and then 80% – 100% for each additional sign-up. Go through this website once to get the details. Go through it a second time to get excited!

You have the option of getting a website that will only cost you a $15 one-time fee. Go Here Sign Up For Phase 10.

There are many direct mail postcard and flyers opportunities out there.

 You can choose to design your own flyers and postcards also as long as it has the admin/company information on them.

What materials will you need while doing direct mail marketing?

Resident Address –  Handwritten or peel n stick 

Stamps – A must-have

Envelope – optional

Stickers – optional e.g do not bend, free stamp, special offer, etc.

Custom stamp address or custom address label -optional

Is direct mail make money opportunity a scam?

No, and Yes –  not all postcard opportunities are legit, so it important to do your research when you discover a direct mail postcard opportunity before you join.

Tip – you will find reviews on most legit direct mail postcard opportunities on youtube., I do all my research on youtube before I join any direct mail opportunity. The lists I provided are legit opportunities and you can find videos on youtube about them.

Conclusion: Direct mail is not new, in fact, most companies prefer direct mail marketing as a way to bring customers to their business.

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