How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner?

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner? Beware

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner?


Considerations before you start affiliate marketing

How does an affiliate marketer get paid?

An affiliate marketer gets paid in different ways. most vendors pay 20%, 30%,40%, 50% 100% commission depending on the vendor/platform you choose to promote their offer.

Most vendors pay by direct deposit payment, PayPal, Zelle, cash app, etc. you have to decide which method of payment is best for you.

Is affiliate marketing easy?

No. Affiliate marketing is not easy from my experience, it does require a lot of consistent work on your part. it is easy to join a platform but the hardest part of being an affiliate marketer is building an audience (traffic/opportunity seekers).

There are different ways to generate traffic to your offer. you can do paid advertising, if you are low on a budget this option is not for you.

Most newbies use social media as a form of marketing .e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

You should keep in mind free traffic methods do take time compared to paid advertising.

  1. Decide on a niche
  2. Choose your platform
  3. Find relevant niche affiliate marketing programs to join
  4. Create valuable and unique content
  5. Build an audience
  6. Follow affiliate programs rules and follow FTC regulations

If you choose to create a blog. choosing the right hosting company is important.

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I hope you found this guide on how do I start affiliate marketing as a beginner informative, do share it online.

God Bless You All.

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