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My Name Is Abigail Isaiah,

Nice To Meet You, I am a mother of 2 children and a hard-working husband.

I have been an online Entrepreneur for about 17 years now.

I have tried so many methods of earning income online and I have acquired so much knowledge.
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Why I created this video blog is because I love to share what knowledge I have learned with individuals, but I came to realized that I have lost so many videos due to relying on platforms like youtube, Vimeo, etc to store my videos.

There is a flaw on platforms like that, your account can get closed without warning and all those videos you have made are gone if you are not storing them someone for backup.

I decided I have had enough of losing my video. what is the best place to store your video?

your own video blog using WordPress hosting. I am free on my blog than on platforms like youtube, Vimeo, etc. with rules that are discouraging.

Any way I will be sharing different video tutorials related to internet marketing, affiliate marketing, direct mail marketing, etc.

Enjoy. Feel free to browse around.

Leave a comment for any questions you have below this page.

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God Bless You