How To Optimize Wordpress Blog Post

How To Optimize WordPress Blog Post – Search Engine Optimzation

How To Optimize WordPress Blog Post

Search Engine Optimization


How To Optimize WordPress Blog Post

When you create a WordPress blog post, you need to optimize it for search engines. this is very important.

Watch This Video Tutorial For Guidance


If you want to have a chance to rank on google and also for google to index your blog post, it is important to make sure your blog post is optimized for search engines.

Google is not the only search engine that will index your blog post, they are a lot of search engines out there. e.g bing search engine and more.

Google is more strict than other search engines. Google pays attention to your blog post content, whether it is unique or if it copied from another source.

Google also pays attention to how fast your blog post loads to visitors.

Google can detect copied content so It is important to write your own content, even if it is a short article.

in clenbuterol profile other to know how to optimize your WordPress blog post, you need an SEO plugin, they are tons of SEO plugins that you can install on your WordPress dashboard, but you only need one good SEO plugin. what I am currently using is Rank Math. I like it and I have never had a problem with rank math.

I also have tried Yoast Plugin, it is not my first choice but it is ranked high by so many people.

List Of SEO Plugins you can try

1. All in one SEO plugin

2. Rank math

3. SEO press on-site SEO

4. Yoast SEO Plugin

5. Slim SEO plugin

You will also need a table of the content plugins, this will organize your WordPress blog post to make it easy for your audience. be careful not to install too many plugins because some plugins slow your website.

Here is a list of Rank Math SEO instructions you should focus on

  • Use Focus Keyword in the SEO Title.
  • Use Focus Keyword used inside SEO Meta Description.
  • Use Focus Keyword the content.
  • Use Focus Keyword in the body content.
  • Consider using at least 600 words.
  •  Use Focus Keyword in the subheading(s).
  • Use Focus Keyword in image alt attribute(s).
  • Add at least 4 Keyword in the post
  • link to external resources.
  • At least one external link with DoFollow in your content.
  • Use Content AI to optimize the Post.

Do your best to optimize your WordPress post until you see the green color. make sure your blog post is readable and looks like a human wrote it.

Additional tools to help you optimize your WordPress website or any website – use GT metric to find out how fast your website loads. – Use page speed to learn what you can do to speed up your website.

I decided to write this blog post and make this video tutorial on how to optimize WordPress blog post because I realize there are a lot of people online that have no idea how they can optimize their blog posts for better search engine ranking.

I hope you find this guide on how to optimize WordPress blog post informative and good enough to share with your friends in need of assistance in WordPress blog post optimization.

Kindly leave a comment if you desire to.

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